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Monster Lands Dice Game


Product Details

  • Players: 1-4 Players
  • Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes
  • Age: 12+
  • Mechanisms: Dice Rolling, Worker Placement
  • Designer: Víctor Fernández, Gorka Mata, Sergi Solé Pascual, Daniel Schloesser
  • Contents: 1 Rulebook, 1 Game Board, 94 Cards, 4 Clan Progress Trackers, 259 Cardboard Tokens, 1 Double Sided First Player Tile, 1 Round Marker, 6 Double Sided Land Path Header Tiles, 1 Double Sided Round Modifier Tile, 7 Panic Tokens, 12 Double Sided Mission Tiles, 1 Mission Bag, 80 6-Sided Dice.


A strategic dice-placement game set in a Fantasy world. Prepare your clan for challenging combat action by managing a multitude of resources and tools. Manipulate your luck!

You will take on the role of the leader of a small clan of brave warriors, competing to win the crown of the Lands of the Discord. You will visit buildings within the Citadel, the last bastion against the monsters that have overrun the kingdom, and also travel to the outside, the areas surrounding the Citadel, where you will battle monsters and reclaim the lands for the Queen.

At the end of the game, the crown is handed to the clan with most Victory Points, which are gained by amassing glory, reputation, gold, and trophies from defeating monsters. The most important thing is glory; to gain it you must leave the safety of the Citadel and undertake missions, defeat or capture monsters, and conquer lands.

You will use your dice to take actions using a “worker-placement” mechanic. In the Citadel, your dice allow you to improve your clan, acquiring hunting tools, shields, potions, mercenaries, and more. The timing of your dice placement and the type of dice you use affects both yourself and other players.

In the Outside, your dice become battle tools. You roll them in missions and battles to try and defeat monsters or reconquer the land. You will have many opportunities to manipulate your dice results and increase your chance of success. You cannot simply hope for lucky rolls to snatch the crown, you will need to carefully manage your resources and do some proper planning to be successful.

Do you have what it takes to go for the crown?


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Tough, durable and they feel great

Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries

Packs arrived on time and in good condition, one or two seemed to be possibly resealed but I have faith that they weren't.

Would order again

Impressed with my first purchase

Impressed by the speed of my order which arrived well packed and safely shipped. Would definitely recommend using these guys again

Great game for two people - probably even better with more

We were looking for a new game that will work with just the two of us, and Carcasonne worked great. Looking forward to introducing friends to it post lockdown!