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New York Zoo

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You are building a zoo in New York Zoo. Build enclosures, equip them with animals and let them have offspring. The basic rules of the game can be learned quickly, because there are only two possible actions: add a new enclosure to your zoo plan or get animals for the enclosures. But good timing is required, because on your moves you repeatedly trigger animal reproductions that you want to participate in.
As soon as you have completely filled an enclosure with animals, you can take an attraction (special tile) that will help you to complete your zoo plan. The first zoo that is completely filled with the puzzle wins!

Welcome to the zoo!

Customer Reviews

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Uwe Rosenberg Does it again!

Fantastic family title from my favourite games designer. Combining elements of Meeple placement with puzzle shapes first seen in tapestry, this game can be played by the younger members of the family but has enough to keep everyone involved! Not
To mention mega animal meeples. Viable
In solo mode. I’d recommend this game to everyone.