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A deck-building game with an innovative twist of preparing your missions on the Launch Pad, temporarily removing part of your assets from the deck you play. To win, you must find a balance between the „mission” and „money” parts of your deck and use them efficiently, as the victory conditions reward those who are the fastest.

They have set up their empire of trailblazing innovation and groundbreaking technologies on a somewhat unremarkable planet circling around a rather average star. Years of hard work and steadfast dedication to their clear-cut vision of looking further than the day-to-day toils and chores of humanity have cemented their reputation as the forefathers of the future humanity.

Secretly, they have never stopped dreaming about the thrust of all their entrepreneurial actions and deeds – reaching the stars. Now, the time has come for them to embark on a second giant leap for humankind, to make the outer reaches of the solar system our home. Only one of them shall go down in history as the first explorer of space and a person who truly forged their will and power according to the bold words: citius, altius, fortius – faster, higher, stronger.

What makes Rocketmen the game for you?

  • innovative solutions in deck-building
  • elegant, aesthetic execution
  • well thought-out hand and resource management
  • learning combined with entertainment
  • dynamic gameplay
  • immersive theme
  • a dash of unpredictability


Game boards

  • 1 game board
  • 4 player boards in 4 different colours (white, red, yellow and blue)


  • Rulebook
  • Plastic component tray
  • 10 ziplock bags
  • 24 mission markers in four colours (6 per player)
  • 4 Victory point markers
  • 12 double-sided achievement markers (rocket points) in 4 different colours (3 per player)
  • 24 double-sided achievement markers in 4 different colours (6 per player)
  • First Player/Alpha Missile emblem
  • 1 Rocket Launcher Tag
  • 1 Moon Tag
  • 1 Mars Tag


  • 48 Mission cards in 4 different colours (12 per player)
  • 23 Resource cards (in blue colour) and 20 Resource cards (in pink)
  • 15 Engine cards (5 of each type)
  • 12 Threat cards (4 of each type)
  • 18 Mission Success cards
  • 12 Personal Goals
  • 10 Game Variant Cards
  • 7 cards for solo play

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Customer Reviews

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985 reviews

This game is different enough from the big three card games (Magic, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh!) to be exciting to play even for a jaded old man like me. The art and lore are a wonderful nostalgia hit for those of is that grew up with the Saturday morning cartoon too. Great game, would highly recommend giving it a go :)

Top service

Fast delivery, great item! 5 stars

Kill Team: Octarius
Jacob Roberts

Kill Team: Octarius

This your dice? Preetty dice!

Bought for 10 yr old daughter as she gets into D&D, my opinions are obviously irrelevant. She ADORES them. Rolls a lot of 20s. Major Dad win.
Thanks Athena for your patience and enthusiasm as both my children ummed and ahhed over their choices, really lovely supportive experience for them. My son later said 'Why can't all shops be like that?' And there you have it.


Delivery was fast, everything i ordered was packaged securely, couldnt ask for better service!