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SHIVER RPG - Director's Game Screen

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Winner of Best Tabletop RPG at UK Games Expo 2022. This screen is the perfect accessory for running the game.

SHIVER is an award winning tabletop roleplaying game inspired by classic cult movies, scary stories and weird graphic novels. SHIVER lets players play through their favourite films, TV shows, and other pieces of pop culture as well as create their own stories.

With an art style that jumps off the shelf SHIVER is the perfect addition to any store that specialises in nerd and geek culture be that tabletop games, board games, video games, graphic novels, books, comics. A great gift item for gamers.

The Art of SHIVER contains:

  • 64 page full colour Softback / Softcover packed with illustrations and sketches
  • Notes and commentary from the designers and artists

Customer Reviews

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Gower Campbell

This 'Shiver' is already giving me chills!!! I'm loving how adaptable the game mechanic is and I'm really testing my creativity building a cinematic world for my cast of players as they explore new worlds of horror.

What I most love is the DOOM clock that furthers the gameplay and really pushes you that your choices matter.

Can you beat the clock? And what fights await....

Please ensure you let people know they can find the character sheets and DOOM clock sheet online for free!!