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Warpaints Fanatic Starter Paint Set

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Are you just starting out with miniature painting? Or are you not sure what you actually need in order to dive in? Then the Warpaints Fanatic Starter Paint Combo Set is the perfect option for you.

In the Starter Combo you will find everything you need to get started with painting any wargaming system while giving you extreme value for money! It is ideal for beginners and includes the basic items you need in your hobby painting kit.

The Warpaints Fanatic Combo features the essential colours needed for painting your gaming miniatures and creating beautiful tabletop-quality miniatures in no time - so you Get More Time for Gaming. Inside, you will find 11 paints in total with 7 acrylic colours, 2 Metallic paints, a Wash, and a Brush-On Primer to kick off and start your paint collection. All paint bottles come with two high-grade stainless steel Mixing Balls pre-loaded in the bottle, making it easier for you to get the perfect consistency within a few shakes.

Warpaints Fanatic paints are easy to use, high-quality acrylic paint with unsurpassed coverage and intense pigmentation. Warpaints Fanatic is the new gold standard for gamers, painters, and hobbyists of all skill levels.

Also included in the Warpaints Fanatic Starter Combo is a painting guide, a miniature figure, a Starter Brush and a Basecoating Brush – FREE. This means that with this set you have everything you need to get started - all in ONE box.


11 x 18 ml paints

  • 7 acrylic colours
  • 2 Metallic paints
  • 1 Wash
  • 1 Brush-On Primer 


  • Painting Guide
  • Starter Brush
  • Basecoating Brush
  • Miniature figure
  • Sticker sheet
reamy viscosity making it ideal for painting miniatures, large and small, and they mix effortlessly with each other to create any combination of colours that you dream up!

The paint comes in 18ml dropper bottles perfect for administering the right amount of paint for your miniatures. Each bottle comes pre-loaded with two high-grade stainless steel Mixing Balls, so you always have perfectly blended paint available.

Inside the Warpaints Fanatic Metallic Set, you will find 10 of the best-recommended metallics from the range. Also included is a painting guide and a Basecoating Brush – FREE.

The Metallics Set is a true must have for any discerning hobbyist! So, get ready to paint magical armour, wicked weaponry, or monstrous war machines – because painting true metallic metals has never been so simple.

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