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In-Store Changes from 19th July

The Government announced on Monday that stage 4 of the Lockdown Roadmap would go ahead on 19th July. Whilst they have removed all legal restrictions, they advise that we live our lives and run our businesses with “caution”.

We aim to continue to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible as we have throughout the last 18 months.


Here is what Athena Games will be doing from 19th July:

  • We will be keeping our capacity light at around 50% of our old capacity.

  • We will be starting to arrange tournaments and organised play sessions again although there will be limited capacity to each event. We will offer tickets through our website and will be taking in store bookings as well. You can ring us on 01603 460910 to check availability if you can’t access the website.

  • We will continue to leave windows and doors open to ensure as much ventilation as possible.

  • While we will allow ordering from the counter upstairs, we will continue to offer and recommend table service.

  • We would encourage everyone to continue using masks as often as possible especially when moving around the building. While it will be optional for staff to wear masks, having talked to our colleagues we believe most of them will wear masks most of the time, for both your and their ongoing safety.

  • We will be allowing bookings of more than 6, but they will need to be by email or phone arrangement.

  • We will continue wiping down tables after every group.

  • We will continue providing hand sanitiser at the entrance and the throughout the organised play space.

  • We will no longer be quarantining games or scenery.

We are looking forward to getting back to gaming as much as anyone and will continue to review these policies to ensure

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