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Four Roleplay Games Beyond D&D

Four Roleplay Games Beyond D&D

Roleplaying is near and dear to all of our hearts here at Athena. Whether it was the first time we slew a dragon or fluffed an important roll, we have all made some great memories.

Which roleplaying system to play however is the great conundrum, with many great systems from every genre imaginable, choosing one can be quite a challenge.

Dungeons & Dragons is of course the number one choice for many players, and having established itself as the classic role play genre it deserves that spot, however today we are looking beyond this staple to a few treasured suggestions from our staff.

So here are our top picks, beyond D&D, for when we are looking to get our groove on.

Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG Supplement & Fallout the Roleplaying Game

For years an official Fallout pen and paper RPG has been a dream of fans the world over, and Modiphius has finally delivered with their initial offering of an RPG supplement for the Wasteland Warfare miniatures game.

This system, while deeply rooted in skirmish miniature gaming rules, allows players to adventure in the Fallout universe for the first time. Wargamers will love this game with it’s table filling miniature based combat and a unique initiative system. 

For the more traditionally minded RPG players Modiphius has also now produced a second Fallout RPG, which will be available soon, based on their ever popular 2D20 system. What a time to be alive!
 - John
Last Fleet

Do you have fantasies of being an Ace fighter Pilot Like Starbuck? A tactical genius like Data? Or A John Chriton-esque wildcard?

Last Fleet may just have what it takes to scratch that itch. Set in a Sci-fi future, your fleet of refugees flees an unassailable alien force bent on wiping humanity out. Built to take you through large scale space battles and intra-fleet political intrigue at the same time.

The game uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system, So select your play book, decide what moves and bonds make your character unique, then with the help of just 2D6, change the course of fate!

- Lexi
Pathfinder 2nd Edition
Arriving on scene in 2019 the 2nd Edition of Pathfinder feels like an evolution of the rule set, streamlining the game into a more accessible and concise RPG. As well as updating it this has allowed its own unique flair to develop, enabling it to step out of the long shadow cast by its cousin from Wizards of the Coast.

This contemporary game has a healthy array of choice for players starting out and as a campaign progresses with the fan favourite Goblins and Alchemist class available to play from the core rulebook.

Players and Game Masters alike will have to no problem navigating the satisfyingly weighty tome with a side tab covering the main chapters of the book with a comprehensive appendix located at the back. Alongside the uniquely styled art of Wayne Reynolds, readers will also find key rules in bold text or side bars with feats and spells using tags and symbols to easily explain how they work during the game.

If you are looking for a d20 fantasy role-playing game off the well beaten path then Pathfinder 2nd Editions is well worth a look.
 - Chris E

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny
When I was younger, I have incredibly fond memories of sitting in the cinema racing along to the Podrace scene in the initial Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, thinking how awesome it would be to take part in the Star Battles, Adventures and Epic Tales in the Universe far far away…
Star Wars Roleplaying Game captures that childhood imagination beautifully in three astounding systems, created by Fantasy Flight Games. Using their innovative narrative dice system,
you can take the role of Bounty Hunters, Jedi, Rebels, and so much more with amazingly detailed adventure books, sourcebooks and rulebooks. All books are also directly compatible, so you can have a wonderfully mixed band of individuals that you can take on the Empire, or perform an epic heist in the skies of Cloud City.

Players and Game Masters will have no problem picking up this easy to decipher system, as creating characters is quite easy, and with several adventure books, Game Masters should have no trouble finding a next fitting location to take their players.

If you’re looking for a different take on your Roleplaying Night, or really just want to fly that X-Wing you always wanted, there is something for every Star Wars lover in this game.

- Chris T
Have you tried any or all of the above systems? What is your favourite world to spend time in?

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