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The Return of Casual Play

The Return of Casual Play

Casual play! You want it back, we want it back and it will be returning from May 17th (government guidelines permitting). It's going to be returning with a different format which we wanted to take a moment to explain.

As we will be running at a greatly reduced capacity, all casual play will need to be booked with each booking lasting for 3 hours. We don’t want anyone wasting a trip down if we are full. This will also enable us to plan the tables and prepare them for the game you are playing. Bookings will also be required to fill out a contact tracing form.

In line with COVID guidelines, table bookings will now come with table service. You'll be able to order snacks, drinks and even gaming products; with a staff member bringing them directly to you.

All tables and chairs will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each group and customers will be required to wear a mask (unless they have an exemption or are eating/drinking).

Athena has always been about allowing anyone to play and have always tried to keep any table fee to a minimum to support this. There will now be a table fee which is £5 for a group of up to 6 people due to all the extra procedures and greater staff time. However you can get the table fee back by supporting the store during your visit - you'll get a £5 discount off a purchase of £20 or more, per booking, on the day.

When can I book my table?

Tables will be available for booking as soon as we have confirmation about the date of us moving to the next stage and any guidelines that go with it. Don’t worry, we will be sure to let you know when the gaming can begin and bookings become available.

What about events?

Full events are unlikely to see a return until the earliest of June 21st, however we are exploring the use of pods of 6 for events or theme evenings in the meantime. When events do get going again, we have some awesome things planned. More details on these will be available closer to the time and once full guidelines are available.

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