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Shipments will be slower from 25th September to 2nd October due to our warehouse team taking a well-earned break.
Shipments will be slower from 25th September to 2nd October due to our warehouse team taking a well-earned break.
Easter Gaming - Athena Games

Top Small Family Board Games This Easter

With Easter around the corner and the lockdown restrictions easing, we take a look at some great games for family and friends.

Timeline Series

Timeline Classic Board Game

How well do you know your history? Put your knowledge to the test with the Timeline game series. In this game, players are tasked with placing cards featuring historical events into the correct place within the timeline. Get it right and the card gets added to the line with the first player to place all of their cards winning the game.

A beautifully straight forward game which can be picked up in a moment, and it is always surprising how much you know, or don’t know, about world history. With a light layer of strategy and several versions to suit your group, there is something for everyone.

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P For Pizza

P for Pizza Board Game

In this quick thinking word play game, players are awarded the small triangles by being the first to name a word that links the letter with a category. The first player to assemble the giant slice of pizza being the winner.

P For Pizza is an elegantly simple game for all the family. Being small in size and quick to play, it makes an ideal game at home or further a field, with hours of re-playability thanks to the games word matching mechanics.

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Carcassonne with River & Abbot

Carcassonne Board Game

Re-create the countryside of Southern France in this classic tile placing game. Starting at a cross roads players take it in turns to draw and place a tile matching it to the edge of an existing piece. Build fields, cities and roads as the board expands whilst placing followers on features to score points when they are completed.

This charming and down to earth game is a personal favourite, and is an excellent game to introduce new players too with it's easy going mechanics and points scoring. The game also maintains a good level of strategy and with plenty of expansions, there's lots to enjoy as a veteran as well.

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Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw Board Game

Keep your cat-like reflexes sharp with this flurry of a game. Each turn a player rolls two dice, each with a set of symbols, with the resulting combination matching one of the twenty one Clawfuku dominoes. The first player to place their finger onto the domino gets it, with the first to six declared the winner. Watch out though as sometimes the result can be one that has already been claimed, and if its owner isn’t quick enough, it can be stolen away.

A really great reflex game that’s always going to find it's way into play, with it's satisfyingly weighty dice and Clawfuku dominoes, Cobra Paw brings a lot of fun in a small foot print.

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Hey, That’s My Fish!

Hey, That's My Fish Board Game

Brave the thawing ice as you race to get the catch of the day. In Hey, That’s My Fish players are penguins moving across the ice to try and catch the most fish possible, without being set adrift as the ice melts. Players move in a straight line across the frozen lake, picking up the tile they started on gathering the fish printed on the underside and adding them their score. You need to be careful though as tiles that are removed create gaps that cannot be crossed, cutting off sections of the ice and possibly stranding Penguins.

Another classic game with an uncluttered player turn, allowing players to focus on movement and keep a snappy back and forth to keep all engaged.

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Pokemon Fridays
James Woodhouse
Pokémon Fridays

Excellent little set up post lockdown, Athena does a great job, clean and safe, also friendly bunch of Pokémon players that will make you feel welcome.

Glued my fingers together

Strong stuff, got some on my hands, great for getting off that extra layer of skin.

Pokemon Fridays
Sophie Williamson
Friday Funday!

Always a good environment, staff lovely as always - Welcoming and inclusive for everyone!

Daniel Moore
Worker placement grows up

The worker placement genre is a crowded one, and many of us were introduced to the resource gather - spend resource - get worker cycle through the classic Agricola. Many (MANY) worker placement games later, you see the creaky folds and paths to victory through the classic game, and rarely do you have a desire to return to it.

Enter Caverna.

Caverna is classic pub grub but served by a Michelin star chef. The game has much more depth, more options to victory, more opportunities to allow for additional workers (my analogy is falling apart) and it removes any random elements caused by the random job card system.

With job removal, the game introduces a more substantial caving mechanic, where the player is tasked with first digging out the necessary paths and rooms then furnishing those rooms-often generating the same job mechanics as were available in Agricola.

Also introduced is a expedition action, which allows for more ways to generate resources using an ever growing axe; but with it comes an ordering complication as those equipped must be played last in the round.

So, if you have warm fuzzy feelings of those early days of worker placement but feel like you have grown up since those days, Caverna is an absolute must.

Great for the budding indis and laras

A good fun game though be warned you need a decent sized table to play this on especially with more than 2 players.
With a couple of ways to approach the game it gives some variety and options if things just don't seem to be going your way. The components are stunning and it's a definite solid 5 star game and shows why its won so many awards.