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Alexander Pfister’s Great Western Trail Review

Every month the staff at Athena Games chooses a game that they love and we put it on display as our ‘pick of the month’. In this article, Alfie Adams takes a look at his choice; Great Western Trail.

Great Western Trail is a euro style game that combines engine building and deck building amongst numerous other mechanisms. Pitting 2-4 players as cow-barons of the great west, each trying to take the best cows they can to market in Kansas City.

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The Best Is Yet To Come: Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2017

Alfie Adams takes a look at ten of his top anticipated games still to come in 2017 and a few honourable mentions in the form of expansions and reprints. 2017 is certainly off to a strong start in the board gaming community. Gloomhaven saw its first release sell out almost instantly. Unlock, the escape room in a box has been impressing audiences worldwide. Anachory, the time travel thematic worker placement game is also flying off the shelves. Moving firmly into the second quarter, convention season really begins. More releases are being announced and the bulk are only around the corner. Here...

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♪My sweet Adrenaline♪

Chris Turner talks about the latest game to join our board game collection; Adrenaline, which seeks to capture the feel of First Person Shooter video games. A First Look… Adrenaline, a board game with the feel of a first person shooter, running round rooms trying to kill every person before they take you down. When I first saw this game, I immediately got the vibe of the old Unreal Tournament or Quake III Arena games I used to play, and this sensation only grew the more I looked at the characters, weapons and various layouts of the board. This was...

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