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  • Tyranid Hive Tyrant

    Tyranid Hive Tyrant

    This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 59 components and one 60mm base with which to build one Tyranid Hive Tyrant or one Swarmlord. This ki...

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  • £36.00

    Tyranid Venomthropes

    This 80-piece plastic kit makes three Venomthropes. It comes with three different heads and 3 different left and right tentacle arms. This kit is l...

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  • £36.00

    Tyranid Tyrannocyte

    This 124-piece plastic kit makes one Tyrannocyte. The armoured carapace can be modelled closed to the body or open to act as an airbrake as the Tyr...

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  • £10.80

    Datacards Tyranids

    Designed to make it easier to keep track of Tactical Objectives, psychic powers and Stratagems in games of Warhammer 40,000, this set of 74 cards –...

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  • £22.50

    Codex: Tyranids (HB)

    Codex: Tyranids contains a wealth of background and rules – the definitive book for Tyranids collectors. Within this 128-page hardback, you’ll find...

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  • Sold out

    Tyranid Tyrannofex / Tervigon

    This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 76 components and one Large Oval base with which to build one Tyranid Tyrannofex or one Tervigon. It is ...

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  • £20.25

    Tyranid Hormagaunt Brood

    This box set contains 12 multi-part plastic Hormagaunts. This 72-piece set includes: four different head designs and two different body designs. Mo...

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  • £45.00

    Tyranid Trygon/ Mawloc

    This multi-part plastic kit set contains 97 components and a large oval base with which to make either a Tyranid Trygon or Tyranid Mawloc. This min...

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390 reviews
A lovely gentle game

Our kids (10 & 7) love this game. It was recommended to us by the lovely staff in Athena.

A great collaboration game

A great little game where you have to work as a team to get the treasure... until one of you goes rogue!

The best sleeves for MTG

Tough, durable and they feel great

Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries

Packs arrived on time and in good condition, one or two seemed to be possibly resealed but I have faith that they weren't.

Would order again