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7 Wonders Architects Medals

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In 7 Wonders Architects Medals, simply building a Wonder is no longer enough!

Discover 7 Wonders Architects Medals – The Strategic Expansion that Enhances Your Gaming Experience! (and introduces a new CAT!)


  • New Strategic Objectives: Medals to win for an added layer of strategy;
  • 2 Game Variants: The "classic" variant (two Medals between players); the "Experts" version (two additional Medals common to ALL participants);
  • 2 New Wonders: The Colosseum of Rome and the Ziggurat of Ur
  • New Progress Tokens for New strategies (with a new cat, which we call Fluffy!).
  • A Blend of Simplicity and Depth: Strengthens the game experience while maintaining the original game's accessibility.
  • Like the base game, a Colorblind Friendly label, ensuring its accessibility to colorblind players.

How to play?

The Medals are placed between the players at the beginning of the game so each player has 2 accessible Medals (to the left and right).

To win one of those, one must be the first to achieve the objective indicated on it.

The Medal represents 4 Victory Points.

This race will thus guide the tactics of the players, who will compete to build their Wonder, win progress tokens, wage war, AND win the Medals.

Box Contents

  • 12 Medals
  • 2 Wonders in 5 pieces
  • 50 cards
  • 2 card holders
  • 4 Progress tokens 3 component trays
  • A rulebook

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