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Arcane Spellbook Cards - Dungeons & Dragons

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This deck of spell cards are an invaluable resource for any magic-user. Consult the entire deck when selecting new spells to learn, and after a long rest you can set aside those spells you want to prepare for the day. Each deck is made from thick laminated card so they will stand the test of time.

  • Spell name and important info is easy to find for quick reference.
  • Descriptive / Mechanical text is written in full wherever possible. When it isn’t, a Player’s Handbook page reference is given.
  • Scaling spells have an additional section with details on how they improve.
  • Card backs prominently display spell level for easy sorting.
  • The Spell cards are highly durable and are made to last. Each card has a coating that protects them and makes them safe to use with dry erase markers.
  • Contains 257 cards for all Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard spells from cantrips to level 9.
  • Contains cantrips and spells from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.

Customer Reviews

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I'm a level one wizard and half my spells aren't in the pack

They don't have thaumaturgy!? You may say, "of course they don't, wizards can't learn that spell hahaha" and I would say, no they can't, but tieflings can, so, there.

That one cantrip isn't there so I've had to print it off, then two of my level one spells aren't there either. This time you know you've got me, you'll say something like "of course not if you're using the extra books that have been added later on haHaha, got you". I'll then roll my eyes and say no, I chose them from the players handbook, the main one that starts everyone off. So out of all my spells, I still have to print half off after spending nearly £20.

I'm only level one, so I wonder how much I won't have in the future too!?