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Final Fantasy XII Starter Deck - Final Fantasy TCG

Begin your FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME adventure with one of our STARTER SETS! Each Starter is themed around one specific title and includes:
  • One pre-built 50 card deck
  • One paper playmat
  • One fully illustrated rule guide
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477 reviews
Skaven power

Great service. Product in mint condition. Lucky to have found one of the last Warcry Skaven boxes in the UK.

Root Inserts

It is an excellent product - easy to assemble.

It was also delivered quickly and was packed every well.

Arkhive 400+

The quality on the UG arkhives is great and well worth the price. Sizing etc is spot on and fits deck boxes inside fine.

Nice kit.

Nice sharp details, but still very easy to put together and looks great when painted up.

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