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FX Fluor Speed Yellow

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Reduce your painting time with Fluorescent acrylic paints from Scale75. A single coat can provide all the depth, shadow and highlights your models need.

Suitable for brush and airbrush.

Comes in a 17ml pot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Adam H
Decent stuff

This is a really nice colour paint. It's not as nice on the brush as citadel paints and isn't quite as smooth as army painter, but goes on and covers nicely with decent saturation. Not too shabby. And it's really very bright. Just what I wanted.

Mark Burns
Now that's bright.

Great colour and great coverage, really pleased with the effects I'll be able to use this for. Might even try it with some NMM to see what kind of bizarre end product can be produced. Didn't open any kind of portal when I painted it on. But paints never do... sigh.