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Kings of War: Ice and Shadow 2-player set

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20 x Hard Plastic Tribesmen
20 x Hard Plastic Ice Kin Hunters / Half-Elf Berserkers
2 x Hard Plastic Frostclaw Riders
1 x Resin Thegn
20 x Hard Plastic Reapers / Tormentors
20 x Hard Plastic Scarecrows / Doppelgangers
3 x Hard Plastic Butchers / Ravagers
1 x Resin Horror
6 x MDF 100x40mm Bases

1 x MDF 150x50mm Bases

1 x MDF 120x40mm Base

1 x MDF 100x80mm Base
1 x Hard Plastic 20x20mm Base
1 x Hard Plastic 25x25mm Base
1 x Softback Kings of War 3rd Edition Compendium
1 x Paper Ice and Shadow Guide

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.

During the Abyssal Dwarf invasion of Chill, they bought with them wicked contraptions of Twilight Kin making known as void-cages. These devices, once opened, create rips in the fabric of reality and connect the mortal world to the Void, birthing Nightstalker horrors into reality. Relive the battle for Chill, as the Nightstalker presence threatens to turn the tide in the favour of evil.

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