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Legendary Encounters Firefly

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In Legendary Encounters: Firefly, players take on the roles of characters from the series and work together to complete objectives for episodes from the Firefly TV show. Players each select an Avatar out of the Main Characters of the game. Each game will have 5 Main Characters and 4 Supporting Characters, so all 9 crew members will be part of each game. The 14-card stack for each Supporting Character is shuffled together to form the Crew Deck, which will be used to build up each player's deck.

Legendary Encounters: A Firefly Deck Building Game is a standalone game in the Legendary Encounters series that utilizes the Legendary Encounters system set in the Firefly universe. Playing with 500 cards and a roll-up playmat, you'll build up your deck, coordinate with your crew, and upgrade your ship to gain advantages, but be careful that Serenity does not receive too many ship strikes. Get ready to explore the 'Verse!

Customer Reviews

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Barry Latter

Not a fan of deck building games but huge fan of Firefly so thought I’d try it out.

The result- I Loved it. It’s very thematic while being flexible enough to adapt and change each time you play.

Only downside, that others have commented on, is the artwork. Such a shame some of the characters are almost unrecognisable.

I would also like to see some expansions based on the books and comics, and the film Serenity (there is a fan made one available). The box has more than enough space for it.

Very happy with my purchase, and who knows may try some other deck builders.

Ian Williams
Great game, and great service too

Another great Legendary Encounters game, really enjoy the deck building mechanic, and very thematic too.

Great service from Athena Games