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Legions Imperialis: The Horus Heresy

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Inside this box, you will find 223 epic scale plastic miniatures representing two full armies – Space Marines and Solar Auxilia accompanied by Titans – each of which can be painted and played as Loyalists or Traitors, as well as a 240-page hardback rulebook containing all the core rules, faction rules, lore, and galleries of stunning miniatures.

The box also includes all the dice, tokens, and other accessories you'll need to start playing games straight away.

This box contains:
- 240-page hardback Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis Rulebook
- 61x tokens
- 2x quick reference sheets
- 21x dice
- 3x templates
- 2x measuring sticks
- 1x transfer sheet containing 556 decals

- 223x epic scale plastic Citadel miniatures, which combine to build 61x models as follows:
- 27x Legiones Astartes models:
- 2x Legion Command Squads
- 8x Tactical Legionaries Squads
- 2x Legion Terminators Squads
- 2x Assault Marines Squads
- 2x Support Legionaries with Plasma Guns Squads
- 2x Support Legionaries with Missile Launchers Squads
- 4x Contemptor Dreadnoughts
- 2x Sicaran Tanks
- 3x Predator Tanks

- 32x Solar Auxilia models:
- 2x Solar Auxilia Legate Commander Squads (can also be built as Auxilia Tactical Command Squads)
- 8x Auxilia Lasrifle Squads
- 4x Auxiliaries with Flamers Squads
- 4x Veletarii Squads
- 4x Charonite Ogryns Squads
- 4x Aethon Heavy Sentinels
- 4x Leman Russ Tanks
- 2x Malcador Tanks

- 2x Strategic Asset models:
- 2x Warhound Titans

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adam Todd

Wow such a good game and the models are stunning worth every penny. The rule book is amazing with some lovely artwork as we now expect from GW.

Robin Clothier
Great friendly responsive people.

Enjoyed buying of them, Imperialis arrived in a day of dispatch.

Ian Hammock
What's Old Is New

Legions Imperialis: The Horus Heresy is really '(Epic) Space Marine, 3rd Edition' - this is more or less the 1991 edition of the game modernised to the Horus Heresy / 30K game as now published and smothered in current Games Workshop design keywords. Its not as elegant as 4th Edition (Epic Armageddon), but;
The models are great in '8mm' ish scale
They faithfully look like their 28/32mm counterparts
Turns out rules from 1991 still give pretty good gameplay

This is "EPIC"

Honestly, the best GW / Warhammer release in years. As a veteran I have played all the prior incarnations of "Epic" this one take the best of those and builds on them. I have only had the cance to have a limited and unpainted quick game so far, but it was quick, fun and full of action!.

My Tactical Marines being obliterated when dashing from cover to cover by a detachment of Wee tiny Contemptor Dreadnoughts was awesome, even if it lost me the game!

Tonnes of unreleased stuff for this yet to come. Next time I'm bringing a Titan!

In all seriousness the 8mm minatures are just stunning. All the trolls out there going on about alleged" miscasts" are lying. The minister are just beautiful, but painting at that scale is a different challenge to 28mm.

This game is brilliant!