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Liminal RPG: Werewolves of Britain

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The werewolves are starting to remember the power they once had. They are coming. The Hidden World of Liminal will never be the same.

In these pages, meet the werewolves of Britain. Learn about their history, and the collective magic of the werewolf gangs. Understand the motives and structure of the Jaeger family, and its quest for dominion. Meet the people - the War Master, Accalia the Lonely, and the terrifying Rend. Smell the fear that helped make the werewolves, in spite of their power, the despised outsiders of the Hidden World.

They are coming.


  • Werewolves of Britain is a full colour 63 page supplement for the Liminal RPG.
  • Werewolf history, gangs, people, and what they think of the other factions of Liminal.
  • The truth about the Jaeger family, who wish to unite all werewolves under their rule.
  • Sheffield, city of the werewolves!
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    Werewolves of Britain a Liminal supplement

    This is a great addition to the Liminal core ttrpg book. If you like the Rivers of London series, then this is a game you'll love. This supplement expands on the werewolves from the core book and gives them a bit more depth, some truly terrifying npcs and makes them a faction to be reckoned with in the Liminal world.