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Magic Maze

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It’s a robbery!

Four heroes have been stripped of their possessions and are forced to rob the local Magic Maze shopping mall. Without speaking, work together to pull off the heist, evade the guards and locate the exit.

Each player can control any hero, but only in the direction that is on their unique action card.

What’s in the Box?

  • 24 Mall tiles
  • Four Hero pawns in different colours
  • 12 Out of Order tokens
  • Nine Action tiles for 2- to 8-player games, and 7 Action tiles for 1-player games
  • One three-minute sand timer
  • One “Do Something!” pawn
  • One Score-sheet The Great Book of Challenges (also available on our website, in case you need a new sheet)
  • One Theft tile
  • One sheet of stickers to stick on the Hero pawns (if you wish) which allows people with altered colour perception to recognise them.

How to play

To set up the game, follow the instructions for the scenario you choose to play, which details how to set up the mall tile deck. The place that starting tile in the middle of the table.

Place your action card infront of you so everyone can see it – make sure it is pointing north!

Magic Maze is played in the following order

  1. Explore the shopping mall, partially or completely.
  2. Move each hero pawn onto the item space of that heroes colour.
  3. When all heroes are at their respective spaces they steal items, and then it’s time to make your escape without being caught.
  4. When all pawns have left the building you win!

The catch is, you cannot communicate throughout this entire game