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One Page RPGs: Volume 1

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This pack includes 13 main games and 13 back pages, which are:

  • The Witch is Dead, where you play murderous woodland animals attempting to gain revenge for the death of their mistress
  • [Back Page] Little Helpers, in which you play demons accidentally summoned by a good witch and now must help her go on a date to the county fair using only your nightmare hell-magicks
  • The Golden Sea, a D20 game of traders and mystics setting sail across a trackless ocean of sand
  • [Back Page] Additional material for The Golden Sea, including equipment, portents, encounter tables and Upsearchings, crystalline miracles from the Goddesses that grow up from beneath the dunes
  • We Three Kings, in which you play the three dudes from the bible and stop King Herod’s plot to kill the baby Jesus with swordplay, necromancy and two-fisted sorcery
  • [Back Page] Three Kings’ Hill, an unrelated fantasy dungeon that nevertheless contains an eye the size of a small house
  • Adventure Dice, a simple numberless storytelling game for kids, which includes special dice to cut out and colour in
  • [Back Page] An adventurer generator for Adventure Dice, or really any fantasy game
  • We That Remain, a survival horror game played with a single deck of cards, in which you will all probably die
  • [Back Page] A map of the Space Station Elysium, designed for use with We That Remain, that details an abandoned space colony that accidentally opened a portal into Hades
  • Honey Heist, a game in which you are a criminal bear with two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR; also contains an optional D8 hat table
  • [Back Page] 36 spells for Honey Heist, including Summon Chandelier, Summon Mexican Standoff, and Jesus Take The Wheel (or: Summon Jesus)
  • Big Gay Orcs, a game in which you play a load of orcs trapped in a doomed fortress, and generally make out a bunch
  • [Back Page] Sad Gay Space Rocks, a hack of Big Gay Orcs, which emulates the Steven Universe Cartoon
  • Justified Anxiety, a game set in a suspiciously familiar paranoid dystopia where you shoot trouble for Companion Machine
  • [Back Page] True Paranoia, a game which involves dumping all your dice in a pile in the middle of the table and punishing your players whenever they dare to touch them
  • The Rapid and the Righteous, a fast and furious game about living your life a quarter-mile at a time
  • [Back Page] Spin The Bottle, a game played by spinning a bottle, about a tumultuous teenage party
  • Hack the Planet, in which you are a console cowboy or cowgirl, and the man is trying to keep you down so you jack in, hack in and get revenge; contains a grid of inaccurate techno-jargon to use at random to give you benefits to computer use
  • [Back Page] Run the Shadows, in which you and a bunch of other street samurai put the metal in the meat and do corporate espionage for Mr Johnson
  • Genius Loci, in which you play a post office in a 1960’s Suffolk village, and you eat the spirits of other buildings to survive invasion from the city
  • [Back Page] Genius Loci: Mall Edition, which is largely similar to the regular game except it takes place in a late-2000’s midwestern mall and you can eat inquisitive teens for power
  • Dead Channel, a game of straight-to-VHS horror, where each character has an individual set of misfortunes and injuries that shape the plot as they play out
  • [Back Page] Dead Channel: Channel Hoppers, which includes rules for getting bored and changing the channel only to have the characters and monsters from the horror film invade other TV shows
  • Trashkin, a fantasy game in which you play the races who get left out of the stories: raccoon-kin, ratboys, half-possums, goat girls, etc, then embark on a stupid quest for very little gain that will probably get you all killed
  • [Back Page] Trashkin: the Zine, which includes rules for Ibis-kin, Trash Bardic Music, alternative dice rules and a fun wordsearch with rude words in it

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