Pandemic Legacy Season 2: Black

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Product Details

  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: 60mins
  • Age: 14+
  • Mechanisms: Co-operative Play, Hand Management, Pick-up and Deliver, Point to Point Movement, Set Collection, Variable Player Powers
  • Designer: Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock
  • Contents: Rulebook, Reference Cards, Game Board, 10 Character Cards, 4 Pawns, 9 Supply Centers, 5 Tokens, 36 Supply Cubes, 8 Plague Cubes, 53 Player Cards, 27 Infection Cards, 82 Legacy Cards, 4 Haven Worker Cards, 6 dossiers, and much more…


Embark on an epic adventure to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction in this standalone follow-up to the acclaimed Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. Black and Yellow Editions have variant covers, however game contents are the same.


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