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Set of 8 'Spirit Of' Snow Owl RPG Dice

by Critit
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Trapped in a translucent die, two frosty colour swirls represent the spirit trapped within. Each dice has a silver spirit animal as the highest number with the exception of the d4 which has the highest as a symbol to also present the animal.

These dice are truely unique and will amaze your gaming friends.

This set includes all 8 Piece set including a 30mm D20!

The dice are standard table top size and have endured many roll tests to ensure they stay great for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kirsty Bayliss
Superb Owl

These dice are amazing. Love the owls and they've given me plenty of natural 20s! Definitely Superb Owl dice.

Sara Vine

Set of 8 'Spirit Of' Snow Owl Dice

Ross Wheeldon
Critit Perfection

Lovely set of ice blue sparkly roleplay dice featuring one large d20 and a regular d20, d12, d10 as tens and a regular d10, d8, d6 and a d4. For the top spot each die the number is replaced with an owl’s head, save the d4 which features a feather. The dice feel well balanced and the numbers/images well carved. Superb!