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Final Fantasy TCG Two Player Starter Set Avalanche VS Shinra

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This set allows you to play with a friend right out of the box, each choosing familiar characters from the hit video game.

Additionally, there will be 15 brand new Starter cards (five different kinds, each with three copies) in each of the decks, for a total of 30 Starter cards across the two decks.  Since three copies is a standard playset, players will have as much of these new cards as they need to include in constructed decks too! These Starter cards feature FINAL FANTASY fan favourites like Rufus and Cloud.


  • Preconstructed Deck (AVALANCHE): 50 cards
  • Preconstructed Deck (SHINRA): 50 cards
  • Quick Starter Guide: 2

Customer Reviews

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Callum Hill
FFTCG Avalanche Vs Shinra 2 Player Starter Set

This starter set contains some very powerful Final Fantasy 7 cards, specifically aimed and designed around the style of the FF7 Remake, so for those who enjoyed the Remake or are just fans of FF7 you will find many familiar and nostalgic characters available reimagined within this 2 player set.
However with that said, if you are a new player to the game hoping to pick this up and go, I will preface this with the difficulty of these 2 decks is around a 3.5/5 and requires a decent understanding of the games core and more niche mechanics to play efficiently alongside a general understanding of the card pool and what cards can do.

However, If you want to sit down with a buddy and learn together, this is a great option!

The decks contain 2 very potent styles of:
avalanche operatives - cost reduction for controlling an Avalanche Operative, and potent abilities if you perform a party attack with 2 or more
Shinra - Uses Rufus and co. to play all 5 Turks onto the field, once out, their combined abilities make for a swift victory or a strong comeback mechanic

These decks are definitely lacking in extra bulk of playable good cards to customise into other decks or styles as they have been filled with other VII category supporting cards, so these are very hard to expand or rebuild without a small collection of your own, so be wary if you hope to adapt them!
(feel free to pop in on our tuesday FFTCG nights @6-7PM weekly and we can always help you out!)